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As an agency you are looking for jazzy yet inuitive to use features, quick solutions and solid client management. Guess what? You just found a wealth of all that. Speaking of wealth, just inquire about our attractive agency terms and be exuberantly happy.


Boost your e-commerce to the next level by presenting your goods as mouth-watering 3D models. Let your clients view the desired product from any angle or let them place it right in their living room with our AR solutions. Check out that new fancy sofa in real-world dimensions and order it with a single click.


Have a stunning 3D model of your latest product available on web and on app. Discuss inhouse product features with the team without having to ship the  physical product. Deploy our AR solutions to overlay detailed maintenance instructions on site.

TV & More

Augment your commercials with real 3D products in the hand of your customers. Increase impulse purchases while the ad still plays. Serve all channels from webshop to social media 3D.



VR Shops

Ever wanted to have your customers visit your mall? Without even having a mall? While this may sound like an oxymoron, our VR Shops enable you to do exactly that. Easy to design and to configure 3D shops for the immersive shopping experience of the 21st century.

Post 3D

Facebook’s latest addition called Post3D allows to share 3D objects in the world’s largest social network. You might have already guessed that Scanblue 3DCloud is the perfect storage and hub for those models. Share on.

AR Core / AR Kit

Savour the full monty of augmented reality on mobile devices with AR Core. Place 3D objects anywhere in your surrounding. Check if the style of that fancy sofa matches your living room by putting it directly in your living room.
Perfect match? That’s what we say! So go ahead and order online.

Universal API

Our API connects to all the major payment providers.
Does Wirecard mean anything to you? It certainly does to us!

Web 3D

Put your awesome VR Store online with just one click.
Your customers enjoy the ultimate VR experience without the need to install any software.
Directly in the browser. Easy as pie.

webVR / VR Solutions

Use our unique systems to build your own VR Store.
Either deploy it as a stand alone program or put it online with WebVR.
With WebVR your clients can explore your store without the need for any extra software.
Directly in their favourite web browser.





Just send us your physical product and receive a top notch 3D Model within a few days. We take care of everything from cleaning to embedding into the ecosystems of your choice. For larger quantities we have some intriguing bulk offers. Just ask and you will be pleased.




Roll your own. Our patented and automated 3D scanning technology teams with our optional digital enhancement service to bring you the most realistic 3D models ever. Buy or lease your system at a very attractive rate. Scan your products in house or on site. Or create your own scanfactory and offer scans as a service.




Give your 3D models a home! Use our ingenious and intuitive VR Shop Maker to create virtually anything from a pop up store to the world’s largest mall. Fill your environment with the 3D models and deploy your immersive shopping experience as an App or directly as Web3D in Firefox browser only.

VR Shop Maker Tool  (Coming soon)
Create your own VR Shop